In this wide range of love where a man always express his feelings to a woman and they go every extent to prove them over and over that how much they love them. But with time love also disappear and you wonder what happens to the man who used to love you like crazy and now he is acting weird like he is not that same person anymore. So here are the signs that say that your man has stopped loving you a like a first time he was.

How he criticizes your appearance when he doesn’t love you

If he loves you he will love your body and your soul and if he is not in love he will criticize you in everything like your appearance and he will criticize your body.

When he discusses your faults In front Of His Friends

When he loves you he will show you in front of his friends and respects you more but when he is not in love with you he will find faults in everything you say.

He gets Irritated And Reacts In Every Situation

Love can make you feel weak in your knees but if that feeling fades away then he will start showing his true colors like he will get irritated in every situation and always find an issue in the small situation.

He Says He Is Busy

There was a time that person will say he is free for you every time and he will always get time for you but after much into a relationship when he gets a tire with you he will show no interest in you and will say he is busy.

He Is Always Angry And Doesn’t Show Any Feelings Towards You

The sweet love story that turns into a sad love story like in first he used to show that he cares for you and your feelings but when he stops loving you he will get angry in every situation and doesn’t feel anything towards you.

He Never Listens To You

When he is in love with you he will listen to every story you tell but when that love fades away then that person will never listen to your any questions or any word you say.

He Doesn’t Care For You Anymore

If he is in love with you he will care for you and your emotions but if he doesn’t love you he will not care for your emotions and will tell you to stop acting like an immature person and he will say like that you cry every time.

The Attraction Is Gone

When you first fall in love you feel attracted towards that person and then the connection becomes strong but when that attraction fades away like you don’t sleep with each other anymore and he is not finding you attractive anymore he will check out other girls than it is definitely wrong with your relationship.

He Will Prefer Work Over You

We all are working people but the guy who gives you time who prefers you before work or his boss that he is definitely in love with you and when he starts ignoring you and your calls and he says that he is more into the workload than he is definitely ignoring his responsibility and have become a workaholic and that person will not give you any time as he loves his work more than you.

He Is Not Jealous

Jealousy is the main bond in any relationship where a girl always try to make a boy jealous and if she succeeds in it she feels that you really feel deeply for her and you will not go away but when he is not in love with you he will not care which guy you went with or who is staring at you.